The Bridgeway Group

The Bridgeway Group is an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing nascent conflict resolution organizations around the world with the skills and tools to more effectively manage differences and resolve conflict in their own cultures and contexts. To do this, the Bridgeway Group develops and shares new ideas and theories, advises and trains practitioners in the public sector, and through collaborative partnerships supports the creation of an enabling environment for constructive public dialogue.  Recent projects include the launch of Centers for Excellence in Negotiation in Russia, Armenia and Ukraine, and an evaluation of the Ikibiri Police Armories Project in Burundi.

Recent Bridgeway Group projects have included training and advising leaders in Sri Lanka and building the negotiation and communication capacity of UNAIDS staff.


Triad Consulting Group

Triad Consulting Group is our Cambridge Alliance partner. Triad builds individual and organizational capacity to manage difficult conversations and critical relationships, helping clients navigate complex problems where values are at stake and emotions run high. The firm’s approach, honed through its association with the Harvard Negotiation Project, is effective, direct, and flexible. Whether implementing change in corporate culture or assisting a community confront a divisive issue, Triad is always mindful of the simple question, “what works?”

CMPartners and Triad collaborate on workshops that help individuals and organizations in both private and public sectors effectively negotiate and master difficult conversations.


American University of Beirut

The American University of Beirut (AUB) is a standard-setting leader in international higher education. Its rigorous curriculum is modeled on the American liberal arts tradition, emphasizing critical thinking, open debate, and diversity.

CMPartners has worked closely with AUB in recent years to develop workshops for business and government leaders on the topics of conflict management and “difficult conversations.”


Spectrum Media

Spectrum Media designs multi-media campaigns and public awareness programs that support social, environmental and economic reforms, with experience in 20+ countries around the world. Examples include democracy in Mali, conflict resolution in Jordan and sustainable agriculture in Malawi. Spectrum Media’s portfolio also includes award-winning documentaries and educational films.

Spectrum has produced a significant amount of media at the intersection of conflict resolution education and peacebuilding. For clients such USAID, Harvard University and the World Bank, Spectrum has developed creative solutions to translate complex global issues into resonant human stories that have reached audiences globally.