Anything that matters involves people.

Anything that involves people will involve difference.

When people differ, how you negotiate determines what you achieve.

Negotiation is a crucial skill for navigating relationships.  Negotiation challenges vary widely; they differ in terms of time, place, needs, resources, authorities, cultures, and the party across the table. And that’s just the beginning – a seemingly overwhelming number of sub-variables, circumstances, tactics, and surprises can follow.  Yet in the end, one factor matters most: what you gain or lose depends on how you negotiate.

That vital how of negotiation is a function of the experience and ability that you bring to the issues and the relationships that matter most.

At CMPartners, we assume that our clients already are negotiators.  Consciously or not, they negotiate every day, and often successfully.  If this were not true, they would not hold the positions and manage the responsibilities that they do.  Yet despite their experience and their ability, few negotiators—even good negotiators—are able to define how or why they negotiate the way that they do.

Our professionals understand that negotiation success is built on a matrix of strategic capacities and action skills, including:

  • Situational awareness
  • Preparation
  • Understanding and prioritizing interests
  • Learning and adaptation
  • Influencing
  • Problem-solving
  • Managing emotions and personalities
  • Relationship mapping and management
  • Sequencing issues and activities
  • Communication
  • Facilitation
  • Conflict management
  • Decision-making
  • Commitment management
  • Leadership
  • After action review

Through greater awareness, more strategic thinking, operational tools, and practice, negotiation skills can be developed, enhanced, and more effectively applied to salient issues

Our professionals partner with our clients to:

  • Build negotiation strategies and capacities for important transactions and transformations
  • Facilitate significant negotiations and/or prepare and advise the negotiators
  • Design and deliver integrated training and development programs that chart paths to mastery and application of negotiation skills and best practices

Whether consulting or training, CMPartners produces more effective leaders, more successful businesses, more peaceful and productive communities, and optimal outcomes. Please contact us for additional information.