Our mission is to negotiate, advise negotiators, and teach negotiation.  We work continuously to better develop, understand, apply, and share negotiation best practices:

  • Thought—insight into the working nature of human interdependence and interaction, made operational in practical mental models, methods, tools, and strategies
  • Action—skills and practices that build competencies and produce results
  • Results—continuous improvement of working relationships and negotiated outcomes

CMPartners clients lead high-stakes Transactions, organizational and social Transitions, and integrated Training initiatives across a range of situations, including:

  • Joint ventures
  • Border and resource disputes
  • Cross-matrix teams
  • Stakeholder engagements
  • Armed forces/community relations
  • Sales force and supply chain development
  • Leadership development
  • Labor/management relations
  • Political conflicts

We serve our clients as strategic advisors, facilitators, trainers, and coaches.  In each role, we work with our clients to asses and engage their challenges, take advantage of their opportunities, prepare them for success, learn and adapt in real time, and get the job done.