Coaching provides ongoing support to our clients as they work to embed new skills in their repertoire. This ongoing reinforcement service helps individuals and/or teams explore fresh thinking and new approaches to their negotiations, conflicts, and communication challenges.

As coaches, our professionals offer feedback to help our clients practice new methods of addressing issues that affect organizational dynamics and relationships. Our coaching includes guiding top corporate executives in business transactions and organizational management, supporting government ministries in post-conflict zones, and advising to leaders in international organizations.

Each coaching engagement is designed to respond to client needs.  Engagements can be short-term or long-term and can be conducted in person, by phone, and/or via video conference.  Coaching begins with an initial face-to-face consultation. We then mutually commit to regular coaching meetings over a pre-determined timeframe, or until the goal is reached.

Please contact us for more information on CMPartners’ coaching services.