change management

Strategic Negotiation Fundamentals

change management

Strategic Negotiation Fundamentals trains participants in the proven best practices of negotiation. Participants learn tools and terminology developed at The Harvard Negotiation Project and refined in practice across a range of communities and industries. This interactive course introduces participants to the “Seven Elements” interest-based negotiation model through exercises, case studies, role plays, discussions, and teaching pieces.

Through this workshop, participants develop the following tools and action skills:

  • The Seven Elements of negotiation
  • Strategic preparation and review
  • Creating and claiming value in negotiation
  • Understanding and managing partisan perceptions
  • Balancing advocacy and inquiry
  • Goal setting in negotiation

Through this workshop, participants learn the essentials of negotiation practice. As a result, they are able to strategically prepare for negotiations, apply new tools for effective engagement at the negotiation table, and create better deals and stronger relationships.