Ted Gerber


As a consultant, executive coach, trainer and team facilitator since 1989, Ted Gerber has worked with organizations across North America, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Ted’s experience includes assisting executives in addressing issues in business strategy, conflict management, negotiations, influencing skills, team alignment, and more broadly in organizational and leadership development. His unique skills are based on his many years of experience as a labor mediator, executive, consultant, trainer and coach. Ted helps individuals and teams operate strategically and tactically to effectively influence others.

In his professional experience, Ted mediated over 1500 labor disputes with the NY Public Employment Relations Board and the NJ Public Employment Relations Commission. He has also applied these skills in assisting executives and managers in resolving difficult conflicts and issues within their organizations. Ted coached line and staff executives, facilitated strategic planning sessions and off site retreats as well as delivered full training programs in such areas as leadership, conflict management, negotiations, team alignment, influencing and effective coaching skills.

He worked with companies in a broad range of industries, including financial services, consumer products, food, pharmaceuticals, technology, utilities, consumer health care, hospitality, government, fragrance and manufacturing etc. and with many levels within those organizations including: Presidents, Business Unit Leaders, CFOs, General Counsels, Senior Vice Presidents, in Marketing, Operations, R&D, Finance, IT, etc.

Ted has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Illinois and has been an adjunct professor teaching courses in collective bargaining, conflict resolution and influencing skills at the Cornell School of Industrial Relations, NYU, Marymount College and Fairleigh Dickinson University.