Hazel Tang


Hazel is an accredited mediator in Singapore and Shanghai and is also an arbitrator with leading arbitration institutions.

Hazel is currently with the Singapore International Mediation Centre, and part of her role involves raising awareness in the region about formulating effective dispute resolution strategies using mediation.

Prior to joining the Singapore International Mediation Centre, Hazel was a partner in the international arbitration practice group with a leading Singapore law firm with a regional presence, and was also based in China for a period as the Representative of their Shanghai office. Hazel regularly conducted seminars, conferences and in-house trainings for multinational companies, and statutory bodies on risk prevention and management in Laos, China, and Singapore.

Her focus has been on assisting businesses to effectively manage resolve disputes. Hazel’s experience in practice spans across the spectrum of litigation, arbitration, adjudication, negotiation and mediation.