CMPartners, LLC is a consulting and training firm specializing in human interdependence management.

We help our clients succeed by building their capacity to manage the complexities of human interactions. In business, politics, and our day-to-day lives, how we engage people and issues determines what we achieve. Leaders rely on those they lead, and managers on those they manage.  Negotiators seek optimal outcomes across tables with adversaries and with partners.  Diverse stakeholders shape conflicts and value chains.  Organizations depend on high performance teams, and functioning matrixes. Success in this environment relies on human-to-human skills such as the ability to influence, negotiate, lead, communicate, innovate, adapt, and manage conflict.

CMPartners brings decades of professional experience to developing intellectual capital to help our clients excel. We are pioneers in the fields of influence, negotiation, leadership, strategic communication, conflict management, stakeholder engagement, innovation and joint problem solving. Our mentor Prof. Roger Fisher founded the Harvard Negotiation Project in 1979.  In the decades since, while working with our private and public sector clients facing some of the greatest problems and opportunities of our time, CMPartners professionals have built the discipline of interdependence management.