Leadership and Influencing

Leadership does not always come with a title.

In our increasingly linked, “flat” world, titles and authorities do not necessarily produce leaders. Many private sector companies and public sector organizations identify and promote managers, executives, and team leaders based on their industry or technical expertise. The individuals being promoted are the ones who do things right. But as the saying goes, mangers do things right, and leaders do the right things.

Leading others, with or without formal authority, requires practical knowledge and skills rather than technical ones. Organizations rarely define desired leadership skills and competencies; moreover, the same words can hold very different meanings for different people. Aspiring leaders gain leadership and influencing skills slowly, if at all, through “experience.” Such an inattentive leadership development process often has serious consequences for the enterprise, the leaders, and the people around them. Under pressure, individuals responsible for collective results too often rely on authority and impose solutions in order to get the job done. The cost is a disempowered team, community, or workforce.

Fortunately, leadership and influencing skills can be identified and developed. The conscious practice of adaptive learning, understanding in the face of disagreement, joint-problem-solving, coaching, negotiation, and strategic communication produces stronger leadership and teams, and better shared outcomes.

CMPartners employs proven frameworks, tools, and action learning to build negotiation and communication leadership skills. We work with you and your team to translate your vision and resources into long-term success.

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