Negotiator's Pause

Conflict ResolutionTown Halls
September 13, 2018

Town Hall Meetings: It’s a Setup

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to improve the political conversation in the U.S., and how tools of conflict resolution might be employed…
Conflict ResolutionNegotiation
July 26, 2018

The Importance of Value Creation

Here's a helpful article making the rounds on social media. Whatever your political persuasion, this article clearly defines two fundamental approaches to negotiation, and how…
Negotiator's Pause
May 21, 2018

Dovetailing Interests: The Key to Unlocking Hidden Value in M&A Deals

Written by CMPartners Principal, Rob Rosen dovetail /ˈdʌvˌteɪl/ verb: to fit together conveniently In my roughly 20 years as a private equity dealmaker, I had…
Negotiator's Pause
February 6, 2018

Dialogue is a Survival Skill

Written by CMPartners Principal Consultant, Jayne Nucete   In an editorial published last week in the NY Times, Susan Rice implored Americans – and our…
Negotiator's Pause
December 14, 2017

Lateral Leadership: A New Approach to Leadership in Today’s Evolving Corporate Environment

Introduction: In an era of globalization and heightened competition, forward-thinking organizations and their employees operate in an environment of constant change. They search relentlessly for efficiency…
Negotiator's Pause
November 24, 2017

Can the U.S. Negotiate with a ‘Madman’ in North Korea?

Written by CMPartners Managing Partner Liz McClintock and Principal Rob Rosen In a previous CMPartners post, we recommended a Vanity Fair article by John Macwilliams which emphasizes that Kim Jong Un, in…
Negotiator's Pause
November 11, 2017

3 Steps to Changing the Negotiation Game for DACA

Written by CMPartners Principals Naseem Khuri and Jayne Nucete Reframing from a win/lose proposition between Democrats and Republicans to a winning solution for our economy, our residents, and…

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