At CMPartners, our core commitments are to excellence, integrity, leadership, and service.

As professionals in the art and science of negotiation, we care deeply about how people in working relationships manage their opportunities, challenges, and conflicts. As global leaders in our field, we seek to share our tools and practices widely. As practitioners and as a community of practice, we aim to serve the public good both in our private and public sector work. As a firm, our aim is not expansion – our aim is to be the best at what we do and to have the greatest positive impact where we work.

The word partner is in our name. Our experience as negotiation advisors and trainers consistently demonstrates that strong working relationships with our clients produce outstanding outcomes for them. CMPartners consulting and training services are built on shared commitments to clear objectives. We do not deliver “black-box” or off-the-shelf solutions. Rather, we emphasize needs assessment, joint strategy development, on-going collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Whether consulting or training, we integrate capacity building into all our work. We strive to build our clients’ capacity to address the issues they face, now and in the future. We equip our clients with the same insights, methods, tools, skills, and practices that we use as negotiators. This results in successful high stakes transactions, organizational transformations, and working relationships.

We honor the trust of our clients by maintaining strict confidentiality regarding our work with them. CMPartners does not market or advertise our client relationships without permission. We rely primarily on our reputation for results and word-of-mouth referrals.