Some transactions are eased and improved when an external facilitator manages the working relationships and the path towards an outcome.

As facilitators, CMPartners specializes in creating environments that reinvigorate key working relationships and enable parties to find the solutions that work most effectively for them.

Facilitated Joint Brainstorming (FJB): CMPartners assists clients in overcoming obstacles and challenges in their negotiation processes through a process of facilitated joint brainstorming.

Developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project by our founder, Professor Roger Fisher, the FJB process assists parties that are ‘stuck’ and unable to move a negotiation forward.  The FJB is always targeted at a specific audience and is designed to address a particular set of process-related problems.  Some examples include:

Multi-stakeholder problem-solving processes. E.g.; intra-team disputes on how to best respond to a client need; inter-division conflicts over resource allocation.

Political and community conflicts. E.g.; establishing and agreeing on the criteria for army integration in a post-conflict context; overcoming obstacles to constitutional reform processes.

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