Illustrative Cases - Facilitation

Healthcare Benefits

A union of low-wage employees received very different healthcare benefits from other companies in the same industry. CMPartners facilitated conversations among the union and lead companies in this industry exploring possible healthcare packages. The result was a set of bilateral agreements between various companies in the industry and the union, including the development of new health plans to increase access to health care.


In a financial services company, a new leader took over a business unit in a very dynamic environment and believed that a fundamental change was needed in the way employees thought about the business and in the way business was managed. The new executive also identified relationship issues within his team. CMPartners facilitated a strategic planning retreat and a set of follow-up conversations to build team commitment for a new way of working together. This business unit is now viewed as “best in class” in its industry.

Facilitating Organizational Reform

In collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and ESSEC-IRENE, CMPartners facilitated a workshop and dialogue process that resulted in a significant breakthrough in the army reform process following Burundi’s 13-year civil conflict. After months of stalemate, the members of the army’s integrated command commission agreed to a seminar to discuss obstacles. They spent five days rebuilding relationships and building the communication skills necessary to ultimately reach a decision on three key issues of disagreement: the status of combatants; the harmonization of ranks between the former government army and the rebel movements; and the allocation of posts within the new army. The reformed army has significantly contributed to Burundi’s peace and stability.

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