Community Engagement

CMPartners is a proud resident of Cambridge and the Greater Boston area. In an effort to help our local community, we engage in subsidized and volunteer work to support our neighbors in better managing their negotiation and communication related challenges. Our recent work includes:

Negotiation Apprenticeship with Citizen Schools

CMPartners has partnered with Citizen Schools to provide a semester long apprenticeship in negotiation at East Somerville Community School during Fall 2017. Citizen Schools aims to bridge the opportunity gap by providing tutoring and “twenty-first century skills” to underprivileged middle-schools students around the country.

Boston Healthcare for the Homeless

CMPartners delivered the culminating session of BHCHP‘s 2-day Leadership Institute. The Institute brought together 43 team leaders and managers who had moved into management positions within the last three years. For many, they moved from a front line/field position to a management role for the first time. Using a self-assessment tool and an engaging, interactive simulation, the session generated insights into participant conflict and communication skills, and offered process management tools for lateral leadership.

Noble & Greenough School

To ensure alignment with its mission statement, Noble & Greenough School asked the head of each academic department to collaborate with all teachers in a comprehensive review of their academic curriculum. Many department heads were having difficulty gaining the cooperation of long-tenured teachers who had previously enjoyed significant freedom in developing their own program. CMPartners designed and conducted a workshop for all academic department heads, providing a framework and tools to enhance their ability to engage their colleagues in a more collaborative and cooperative discussion and review process.

Negotiation Skills for Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers’ Board

CMPartners designed and facilitated a negotiation skills workshop for the Board of Boston Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (BARPCV). The training served to help the Board members negotiate more effectively with each other, their membership, and with external partners.

Effective Communication for Unitarian Universalist Parish

A large Unitarian Universalist parish in the Boston area was interested in exploring and understanding ways in which parish members could communicate more effectively so as to facilitate parish governance, manage challenges of multi-culturalism among parishioners and between the parishioners and those outside the Church, and reconcile these principles with UU theology and with existing principals of community communications. CMPartners developed and delivered a Communications Mastery workshop to Church parishioners centered on managing difficult conversations; the workshop incorporated theory, exercises, and interactive case work drawn from participants’ own life experiences.