Organizational Learning

CMPartners works with clients to understand and enhance their individual and collective negotiation, relationship management, communication, and conflict management abilities.

All CMPartners training professionals are seasoned negotiation practitioners. We have negotiated with Fortune 100 CEOs, heads of State, hostage takers, and families.  In their own professional practice, our trainers have developed and refined the very tools they teach.  We have taught and continue to teach at many of the world’s leading universities and executive training programs.  We use our tools and skills in our communities and in our personal lives. We provide our clients with the same dynamic tools, practices, skills, case studies, and methodologies that we use as negotiators.

CMPartners workshops use a multi-track approach that immerses participants in the immediate practice of what they are learning. Our proven methodology includes presentations, exercises, applications, videos, labs and coaching. Participants practice negotiating in a safe environment, applying new tools and concepts to real problems faced by their organizations. CMPartners works with participants to benchmark their current aptitudes and chart individual paths to the highest possible level of expertise.

CMPartners training can be designed to enhance one or a number of complementary competencies:

Diagnosis and Analysis







Relationship management

Conflict management

Communication management

Emotional intelligence

Teamwork (internally and externally)

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