Illustrative Cases - Training

Labor-Management Negotiations

A manufacturing plant had a history of poor labor-management relations. CMPartners conducted a joint negotiation workshop in advance of contract negotiations which stressed cooperative mindsets, tools, and techniques to reach mutually beneficial agreements. Positive results were seen in improved relations between the parties and a creative agreement in which management achieved cost reductions and productivity improvements while union members achieved greater job security.

Strengthening Leadership

The Leadership and Communication Capacity for National Renewal (LCCNR) program in Timor-Leste worked with over 175 leaders from various sectors of Timorese society, with a particular focus on national and local government leaders responsible for managing the country after independence. The program strengthened leadership capacities, built valuable relationship networks, improved communication skills and enhanced negotiation analysis. Participant reports and an independent evaluation highlighted the impact of CMPartners training services in strengthening leadership capabilities. Read more about work in Timor-Leste here. Read the program newsletter here.

Building World Class Capability

The sourcing group of a consumer products company believed that its negotiating capabilities and tools were not “world-class.” The team had many new employees with different backgrounds and levels of experience translating into different approaches to negotiation. Over a multi-year period, CMPartners conducted a set of negotiation workshops for the team. Through these workshops, CMPartners integrated a shared set of preparation tools into the client’s procurement process.

Enhancing Leadership Capacity

“One of the most distinctive elements of Burundi’s transition and perhaps its most instructive is the extent to which national leaders have embraced the importance of leadership training as a key to reconciliation and good governance. Indeed, Burundi may be the first case of a country just emerging from conflict in which key leaders have integrated into their peace process a national training program explicitly designed to rebuild their capacity to work effectively together in advancing their country’s postwar reconstruction.”

In partnership with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and the Burundi Leadership Training Program (BLTP), CMPartners has worked in Burundi for the past nine years, assisting various government agencies and civil sector organizations to lay the groundwork for this reconstruction. To date, CMPartners, WWICS, and the BLTP have trained over 8000 Burundian national and local level leaders.

More Effective Management of Global Health Diplomacy

Over the past fourteen years, CMPartners professionals have worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) to design and develop training, coaching, and facilitation programs for WHO staff and member state officials. As part of this collaboration, CMPartners has co-authored two negotiation skills handbooks for use by health policy makers in WHO member states to better manage global health diplomacy and to more effectively mobilize resources for the health sector in their respective countries.