Consulting Services

CMPartners supports leaders and negotiators who face high stakes Transactions, organizational and social Transitions, and mission-critical Training needs. We help our clients negotiate and lead enterprises that thrive on negotiation.

CMPartners consulting services benefit from a simple, highly adaptable four-step methodology, deployed in partnership with our clients:

Diagnosis and Analysis

Comprehensive review of negotiation opportunities, resources, needs, and challenges


Identification of a clear vision of success with measurable objectives
Identification of operational strategies for multi-party, multi-issue, multi-interaction negotiations


Development, facilitation, monitoring, and coaching on the path to success
Continuous review, learning, and adaptation

Continuity Assurance and Capacity Building

Transference of the methods, tools, and skills that enable sustained success over time

CMPartners has an international reputation for results. Partner is in our name because partnership resides at the core of our work. We work with you and your organization every step of the way, and we equip you to sustain your success over time.

Please visit our Transaction Support and Transition Support pages, and contact us for more information on CMPartners Consulting Services.
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