Core Workshops

CMPartners’ workshops are designed to develop individual and organizational competencies in negotiation, conflict management, communication, influencing and relationship management.

We classify these as “core” competencies because they are essential to the negotiated success of individuals and organizations.

We invite you to explore the descriptions of our core workshops:

Strategic Negotiation Fundamentals

Advanced Strategic Negotiations

Communication and Influencing Skills

Negotiation Leadership

Strategic Negotiation Fundamentals

Strategic Negotiation Fundamentals trains participants in the proven best practices of negotiation. Participants learn tools and terminology developed at The Harvard Negotiation Project and refined in practice across a range of communities and industries. This interactive course introduces participants to the “Seven Elements” interest-based negotiation model through exercises, case studies, role plays, discussions, and teaching pieces.

Through this workshop, participants develop the following tools and action skills:

The Seven Elements of negotiation

Strategic preparation and review

Creating and claiming value in negotiation

Understanding and managing partisan perceptions

Balancing advocacy and inquiry

Goal setting in negotiation

Through this workshop, participants learn the essentials of negotiation practice. As a result, they are able to strategically prepare for negotiations, apply new tools for effective engagement at the negotiation table, and create better deals and stronger relationships.

Advanced Strategic Negotiations

The Advanced Strategic Negotiations workshop builds upon the skills learned in the Fundamentals workshop. Participants acquire fluency using negotiation frameworks and tools with a specific focus on understanding and developing their personal style.

The Advanced workshop emphasizes the following skills:

Understanding conflict modes

“Setting” the table

Strategic communication and meeting design

Strategic relationship management

Changing adversaries to partners

Dealing with difficult tactics and personalities

Continuous learning and development

As a result of this course, participants are able to apply negotiation skills with comfort and fluency, even in high-pressure situations. This leads to robust strategy, better organizational outcomes, and more sustainable working relationships.

Communication and Influencing Skills

This workshop trains participants in concrete, highly transferable skills and tools to create more productive interpersonal interactions. Participants learn a framework for understanding effective communication and influencing and then apply these skills in the workshop setting.

With an emphasis on practice, participants in this workshop learn:

A framework to prepare for important interpersonal interactions

Self-awareness and control in communications

Analysis of typical behavioral and thought patterns in difficult conversations

New perspective and tools for engaging in difficult conversations

Effective listening and discovery skills to maximize use of time “at the negotiation table”

Tools to negotiate up, down, and across hierarchies

Tools for cross-cultural negotiation

Methods to engage in discovery conversations and manage the tension of wanting to “sell” despite the need to learn more

An integral component of the workshop is the application of the framework and tools to the participants’ upcoming difficult conversations. By understanding effective communication and influencing, participants are able to engage challenging issues within teams, across organizations, and with external parties. A workforce skilled in communications and influencing performs more effectively and efficiently in both internal and external business.

Negotiation Leadership

Negotiation Leadership builds on participants’ experiences in prior workshops and the working relationship they have developed with the CMPartners team. Negotiation Leadership participants identify and construct their own unique negotiation competency matrix. By applying new tools and abilities to real negotiations, participants provide a real-time ROI to organizations.

Negotiation Leadership uses real world experiences, simulations, individual video-taping and review, and other activities to further clarify, develop, and integrate the following competencies:

Managing multi-party negotiations over time

Maintaining strategic focus and tactical flexibility

Sequential influencing and consensus building

Negotiation teaming

Strategic brainstorming

Applied game theory

Post-program professional development

Graduates of the Negotiation Leadership program greatly enhance their ability to apply skills and tools of interest-based negotiations in any context to create value-maximizing outcomes. Competency mastery yields individual benefits and scales out across an organization, leading to better deals and stronger organizational alignment.

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