Illustrated Cases - Transaction Support

IT Outsourcing

A manufacturing company had negotiated a large information technology outsourcing agreement and was experiencing a set of problems and relationship issues as the agreement was implemented.

CMPartners facilitated a systemic analysis of the situation and the development of a negotiation and relationship strategy going forward. We provided ongoing advice during the six months of negotiations that followed. The intervention resulted in improved relationships between the company and its IT partner, as well as favorable and fair resolution of a set of disputes in the interpretation and implementation of the agreement.

Multi-party, cross-border

A multi-national pipeline deal of a foreign energy company was in danger of being derailed by external political constraints. CMPartners led a team of twenty top executives through an assessment of internal and external relationships, as well as sequencing choices that could influence outcomes of the deal. By providing an analytical external perspective, CMPartners enabled the team to understand formal and informal power dynamics not previously evident to the team members. In the preparation process, the negotiating team uncovered potential challenges and opportunities that influenced how they framed the deal to decision makers. As a result, the team entered the negotiation thoroughly prepared and was able to mitigate negative political impacts, strategically align themselves with key players, and progress towards a multi-billion dollar deal.