Illustrative Cases - Coaching

Small Group Coaching

Through small group coaching sessions, CMPartners worked with a sales team of a leading national food producer to develop a cohesive negotiation strategy. The team was preparing for high-stakes negotiations with a large prospective account. Leading up to the negotiation, the team was not confident in its approach, which impacted the team’s morale and could have affected the outcome of the negotiations.

The VP and General Manager of Sales engaged CMPartners as the team prepared for the negotiation. CMPartners worked with the group to build confidence, manage expectations, and train the members in more effective preparation and engagement. The division benefited from developing a common negotiation vocabulary and learning how to leverage opportunities, client interests, and constraints in order to build a better deal. As a result of the coaching sessions, each team member learned how to prepare for and manage the process as well as understand his/her individual role in a team negotiation. CMPartners helped the group members enter the negotiation with confidence and fluency in their skills, resulting in a strong deal that created a lasting relationship with an important client.

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