Horacio Falcão


Horacio Falcão is the creator of the Value Negotiation method, founder of Value Negotiation Co. and a Senior Affiliate Professor at INSEAD. At INSEAD he teaches Negotiation, having been voted the Best Elective Professor for 14 times in as many years. To his clients, he conducts negotiation and mediation training, coaching, facilitation and consulting to the private and public sectors.

Horacio worked at Cambridge Negotiation Strategies and CMI (a spin-off from the Harvard Negotiation Project) and earlier at two prestigious law firms in Brazil. He has worked for the International Court of Arbitration in Paris and mediated at the courts of Massachusetts. Trained in both civil and common law, Horacio graduated as an LL.M. from Harvard Law School with a concentration on alternative dispute resolution. He received his MBA and his Masters in Organizational Psychology from INSEAD. He is currently pursuing his PhD on Negotiation at SMU (Singapore).

Horacio has worked all over the world, mediating complex disputes, facilitating dialogue, developing negotiation & consensus building strategies. He combines this diverse and intense practice with a commitment to keeping himself constantly updated by researching and writing on negotiation. Horacio is an entrepreneur and angel investor with investments in a variety of start-ups all over the world.